Online Registration for returning and new students will begin again on August 13, 2020.  After filling out the information you will be notified by your assigned campus when all paperwork is complete.



If you are filling out the English version of the forms:  On the left side you will also see the Spanish version of the forms.  Do not fill out the Spanish version. Just click next until you get done with all of the English forms.   Your completion percentage will not reach 100%.  Complete the process and your forms will be submitted.  Please do not go and redo this process again.


If you are unable to upload your electric bill you can email the form to your campus or each campus has a drop box at the entrance of each building where you can place the form.  Be sure to write the first name and last name of your student on the electric bill.


Contact your student's campus if you are having problems.  All students will need to have a copy of their Electricity bill for verification of residency.